Taking Life For Granted

As I’m standing in my new kitchen, to the new house we just signed our names to making us first time home owners, prepping my meat for freezing I am realizing how much in life I have taken for granted. Complaining on Facebook that we have too much junk, which we do. Complaining about living in a tiny 2 bedroom and 1 bath trailer for several years. Complaining when my husband would take over time and leave me stuck with the kids without a break. Well let me just say this my spoiled butt can complain on facebook, because my husband works hard to provide a phone and internet for us. He works hard to spoil the girls and me so we can have whatever we want. He works hard to provide a roof over our head, no matter how small, big, old or new. He takes over time so that he can provide all of this for us. As I unpack this new house I realize how little he has and how much the girls and I have. How new our clothes are and how worn his are. He is a hard working man and honestly, I have no idea what I would do without it. He is the foundation to our family, without him we would crumble, we would sink and fall. Be grateful to your husband, even if it means you have to stay home with the kids so he can work overtime, be thankful you have the entitlement stay at home mom, that he provides enough so you don’t have to work. Thank your husband for all he does, he probably doesn’t hear it enough. 


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