Beautiful Mess

I have joined a group of wonderful mothers for a study group at church. Our 6 week Summer study we picked is Beautiful Mess Motherhood for Every Moment by Sherry Surratt and Tracey Eyster. I must say wow, I am only 2 weeks into this book, but boy it is definitely speaking to me. The study is based along the lines of the movie Moms Night Out, I don’t know about you, but I love that movie! Since starting this book I am finding myself stopping and breathing when things aren’t going right, when the kids spill something, when they fight, when they make a total mess, or even when they aren’t listening/following directions. I’m realizing all of my reactions, fears, doubts that I am experiencing as a mother are normal. I am learning to stop, breath, pray and give it all to God. Instead of becoming too stressed or even depressed I’m giving it all to God, He blessed me with these 3 sweet, beautiful and diva girls to run around our house, to make the mess. Yes, my life would be very different without them, I’d have a clean quiet house, be able to go on dates with my husband without searching for a baby sitter for all 3, we would have more money, but honestly……I don’t want that. I’m thankful to be a beautiful mess and have 3 blessings that love and lookup to me. I wouldn’t trade the precious, bad, good, funny, sad, hectic, stressful moments for anything! 


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